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A very common complaint during a visit to the OBGYN office is pelvic pain. Yes, this is a very vague complaint and can be the sign of many different problems. It is estimated that at least 15 percent of women suffer from pelvic pain. When looking at this group of women, 70-80 percent of them eventually get a diagnosis of endometriosis. When I say eventually, this means that these women suffer for many, many years and through multiple experimental treatments before they get any answers or relief.

These women often, but not always, report painful periods, pain with intercourse, pain with urination/bowel movements, pelvic pain even when not on their periods, or infertility. As you can see, these symptoms may be very vague and could represent multiple issues. Many women have heard at some point “pain with your periods is normal, there is nothing wrong” and are left to suffer. This is not always normal and definitely requires further investigation.

As there are multiple symptoms with pelvic pain, there are also multiple ways to assist in diagnosing the problem and options to help manage or treat the pain. These options range from conservative measures, such as pelvic floor physical therapy, to surgical intervention. It is best to seek a medical exam to help you determine which options are best for you.

As someone who was diagnosed with endometriosis and suffered relentless pelvic pain for 6 years before a proper treatment plan was developed, I am passionate in making sure my patients do not have the same experience!

–Amber Elling, WHNP-BC Pelvic Health Physical Therapy
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