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"Having recently completed a round of physical therapy for knee pain, I learned what I needed to know to manage my situation. The entire staff were friendly and welcoming. The facility is immaculate and they are following recommended procedures to deal with Covid 19. I highly recommend them. "
Oct 19, 2020
"My physical therapy was a success! BULDGING disc! The staff are professional and friendly. Kathy and Kayla worked with me, very caring! I would recommend them, HIGHLY! Also I will miss them!"
Aug 22, 2019
"I am really happy about chosing this therapy facility. I completely trust my therapist and both of the therapists there have a lot of experience and compassion. I had a total knee replacement and after 5 total weeks of therapy, I have 125 degrees of movement. They are very hands on and go at your pace, but push you the right amount as well. I will return when I get the other knee done and recommend them to everyone. They have experience with all needs."
Feb 15, 2018
"Kathy is a great physical therapist. A back surgeon told me, after looking at my x-rays, that I needed surgery. I went to see Kathy and she suggested trying physical therapy before considering back surgery. She set up a physical therapy plan for me, along with exercise. After about 6 weeks, I felt so much better and was glad I didn't agree to have surgery. Thank you, Kathy!"
Jan 08, 2018
"Heidi is an excellent therapist that spends one on one time with her patients and give quality care. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to her patients. I highly recommend her! "
Jan 08, 2018

Our Testimonials

I was apprehensive about seeking physical therapy due to my size and the pain that might be involved. Heidi Irwin put my mind at ease. She is very professional while still being congenial and personable. Your rehabilitation is the utmost concern while you are in her care. She will take the time to answer questions and explain any procedures that she is performing. During the sessions, exercises are provided to perform on your own to further your rehabilitation. I would definitely return to her for any further physical therapy needs.


My name is Kyle Marie, and I was fortunate enough to find Heidi post thoracic spinal fusion surgery. This last surgery in June of 2013 was my 4th spinal surgery. Needless to say I had had my fair share of physical therapy. Heidi was by far the best physical therapist I have worked with, both knowledgeable & personable. Heidi always seemed to know when I needed to be pushed or when we needed to ease up on things. I can say that I enjoyed going to physical therapy 3 days a week no matter how early in the morning!!! She helped me to get through a very difficult time in my life; not just easing & dealing with the pain, but emotionally as well. I would go back to Heidi again if need be, and I HIGHLY recommend her!

Kyle Marie A.

My introduction to Kathy Pepper came from my radiation oncologist at the end of radiation therapy for breast cancer. My diagnosis in 2016 took me through six rounds of chemo, surgery and radiation, and because 24 lymph nodes were removed, my doctor felt a few weeks of physical therapy would help with lymphedema, and thus I met Kathy.

Kathy is a wonderful therapist... highly skilled, professional, kind, encouraging and helpful in explaining treatments. Because of her own personal journey through breast cancer, she understands the physical and emotional challenges associated with breast cancer and has great empathy for her clients and their needs. My treatment focused on wraps, exercises and massage techniques that would help keep my lymphedema under control. I was fortunate to have a great medical team throughout each phase of my treatment, and Kathy was a key member of that group of professionals who helped me recover and move forward into the survivor column. I highly recommend Kathy Pepper as a physical therapist, health/wellness instructor and friend.

Cheryl Z.
Waterford, MI

I am not sure there are enough adjectives to describe Heidi Irwin. Heidi was assigned to my case after my knee surgery. Heidi is a very professional, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate PT. I would refer Heidi without hesitation. I am undergoing another surgery in the near future and sincerely hope to work with Heidi again to ensure a completely individualized recovery.


Kathy was a huge blessing in my breast cancer recovery. I developed axillary webbing after surgery, and was referred to her for physical therapy. I felt so much better after I started working with her!

Kathy is especially sensitive to the emotional side of breast cancer. She has a special interest in treating breast cancer patients, and continues to take courses to expand her knowledge and skills. She is always kind, respectful, and professional.

As a therapist, Kathy gave thorough explanations of the treatment plan. And she was very attentive to the details of my stretching and exercises, coaching and tweaking so I would get the most benefit. She's a great encourager!

I would refer people to Kathy in a heartbeat - she's the best!

Linda D. - Lake Orion, MI

I had a total shoulder replacement and had my rehabilitation done by physical therapist Heidi Irwin. I couldn’t be more pleased with my care and results. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and professional. I would refer friends and family without hesitation!

Dave - Lapeer, MI

I can't thank Kathy Pepper enough for the outstanding care that I received from her for both an ankle injury and shoulder surgery! She has a magic way of combining just the right amount of compassion with the perfect amount of you-can-do-it attitude. Her professional techniques were key to my quick recovery!

Chris M.

I have been a patient of Kathy Pepper for the last 10 years. Kathy's expertise, professionalism, compassion and enthusiasm for the care and well being of her patients is unequaled! I would not have repeatedly returned for care under Kathy were this not the case. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in need of physical therapy!

Dr. Smith

My daughter Chloe had a complete tear of her ACL in April 2017. We knew after her surgery it would be important to find a good physical therapist. Fortunate for us, we found Heidi who at the time was employed at an office close to me. Heidi pushed my daughter and made her work hard to start healing. She is professional, caring, and motivated my daughter when she felt like giving up. Heidi built such a great relationship not only with my daughter, but with me as well. Chloe would leave her appointments and would always make a comment on how she just loved Heidi. She will treat you with respect and she will work hard to get you where you want to be. Heidi has even contacted us months after Chloe's therapy was over to see how she was doing and if she was following her home care instructions. We would highly recommend her to anyone that has to go through therapy.

The Jankowski Family

At our 3-month well visit, our pediatrician noticed our son Landon had torticollis. She referred us to see Heidi for therapy. She wasn't sure if therapy would help or if he would need a helmet to fix it. We called and Heidi got us in the next day. We were so nervous to start therapy on our baby but once we met her, all our nerves went away. She was so professional and kept us at ease. She answered all our questions and started working on his neck that day. We went 3 days a week for a month then twice a week the next month. With both my husband and I working full-time, we were worried about when we could get Landon in to make sure he was getting all of his treatments. Heidi made sure we were her first appointment of the day. Her warm smile and contagious laugh always kept Landon entertained during his sessions. Some days he wasn't happy to be there and Heidi would have him play with his toys and look into a mirror while she played peek a boo as she worked on his neck. She was so flexible and would alter the treatment depending on how Landon was that day. After working on Landon for 8 weeks, we saw a great improvement and his torticollis was gone. At our 5-month visit with our doctor, she couldn't believe how much Landon had improved. He could move his neck both ways in that short period of time. We can't thank Heidi enough for all that she did our us. We would recommend her to anyone.

Jim and Stacy C.