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Plantar fasciitis: The inflammation of the fascia at the bottom of the foot which is the most common cause of heel pain.

Plantar Fascitis is one of the most common causes of heel  pain  effecting 8-21% of the population.  The pain is typically located at the base of the heel  and sometimes extends to the arch of the foot.  It is the result of micro-tearing of the plantar fascia where it inserts int0 the base of the calcaneus.   The pain is usually worse first thing in the morning with those first steps getting out of bed.  This pain can cause a devastating interruption of  simple daily activities including walking, standing and stair management, as well as limiting more physical activity such as running and tennis.

There are many different causes of plantar fasciitis.  Poor flexibility of the calf muscles, “flat” feet (excessive pronation of the foot), poor footwear, being overweight, and a sudden increase in the of level of activity can all contribute to the development of plantar fascitis. 

Physical Therapy can prove to be a very successful treatment option for plantar fascitis.  Treatment typically involves decreasing the inflammation of the plantar fascia and correcting the root cause through stretching, joint mobilizations, proper footwear and analyzing functional movement to assure a proper return to activity.

Here at Metamora Physical Therapy we have specialized treatment techniques and certifications in ASTYM and Dry Needling.  These treatment techniques have had dramatic positive  results in treating plantar fascitis. 

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