The “Missing Link” to your back pain

Physical Therapy

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Your Pelvic Floor may be the “missing link” to your low back pain!!

Being orthopedic physical therapists for many years, we have successfully treated many low back pain and hip pain patients, but….. there are always those patients who have some residual pain that doesn’t seem to respond to “traditional” methods of physical therapy. We have recently added pelvic floor physical therapy to our practice and realized just how important the pelvic floor is in those unresolved low back and SI joint pain individuals (although we always knew it played a role).
The Pelvic floor muscles are part of the anticipatory core, which includes the respiratory diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, tranversus abdominis, and multifidi back muscles. This means that these muscles tighten before other muscles begin to work. This is necessary to get successful, coordinated, pain free movement.
During the evaluation of the pelvic floor, we look at how the muscles function externally and internally palpating the pelvic floor muscles. We look at strength, endurance and coordination of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles need to coordinate with core muscles to get successful, appropriate stabilization for pain free movement. This stabilization is what may be necessary and be the “missing link” to your road to recovery.

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