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Leaking When You Cough or Sneeze?

Common but NOT normal. Although many people shrug this off as a sign of getting older or having babies, this something that can be addressed with the right physical therapy and medical management. Leaking when you cough or sneeze is typically a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction. It can mean your pelvic floor muscles and/or core muscles can be either weak or too tight. Getting evaluated by a pelvic health physical therapists can help you back to NORMAL!!!

Going to the Bathroom More than 8 Times a Day?

Common but NOT normal. The normal amount of visits to the bathroom to urinate is 4-7 times per day. That is even with drinking the recommended amount of water daily, which is 1/2 your body weight in ounce (150lbs = 75 ozs of water per day). Increased frequency of urination can be caused by many factors including overactive bladder, bladder pain, poor habits, and a dysfunctional pelvic floor. Getting evaluated by a pelvic health physical therapist can help get you back to NORMAL!!

Unresolved Low Back Pain or Hip Pain?

Common but NOT normal. Maybe it’s time to check your pelvic floor. Many times we find there is a common link between pelvic floor dysfunction and low back and hip pain. If the pelvic floor is left untreated, man times the low back and hip pain persist. Getting evaluated by a pelvic health physical therapist can help you get back to NORMAL!