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  • My doctor told me to go there? He gave me the script with the physical therapy clinic name right on it
    • We all market and get out scripts to the docs, believe me😊 Remember it is ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE where you go!
    • Interview places. Call 2-3 clinics. How do they answer the phone, do they answer the phone? Ask to speak to the Physical Therapist. What questions do you ask?
      • Do I see the same PT every session or do I get tossed between several? Seeing a professional at every appointment allows for continual re assessment. This leads to better outcomes!
      • Who works with me while I am doing my exercises? Techs? PT? PTA? Or no one?
      • Do I have to schedule at the same time slot for my entire therapy span? Some clinics schedule you at say 3:00 for the evaluation and then you have to stay at that time for the duration of therapy.
  • My friend said it was a good place?
    • Friends and Social Media are a great start…..but do your due diligence. Their opinions might be right for them but you are different. There are PTs who have an array of specialities…so ask what do you offer? What continuing education have you taken? Then you can see if they are your people😊
  • It’s close to home….work…..
    • Time is money! But just because they are close doesn’t mean you will get better. You would drive to a medical specialist, so don’t short change yourself. Because if you fail with them you will end of driving somewhere else.
  • I went there before and it was ok, but if you haven’t been somewhere else how do you know?
    • Were you happy did you get better? If so definitely don’t switch! But if you had any issues, look around. You didn’t fail physical therapy…you only failed or didn’t have theee best experience with the person you worked with.
  • They take my insurance
    • Appropriate for sure…..but some places make allowances and if that place fits you better, ask!
  • Check reviews
    • Reviews are great! Especially a lot of reviews and up to date ones…It means the clinic has customer care in mind (even if they ask for reviews they know they treat people well) Read them!
  • Stop into the clinic
    • What is the feeling in the clinic? Are people friendly? Are you greeted? Is there someone working with the patient or are there people everywhere doing their own thing? It’s NOT a gym!


Please consider taking the time to choose your Physical Therapist! It will serve you better and you will receive the treatment YOU need!